Monday, June 29, 2009

Calling in a favor...

I am so humbled.
Many of you have inquired about various ways to help me and my family.
I appreciate everyone who has helped, who wants to help, and who will help in the future.
I appreciate everything, even the kind words and thoughts.

I am uncomfortable asking for donations, but I should put it out there that Kev has mentioned our story and has set up a PayPal account for us. (follow link, or see widget at bottom of page) Thank you, Kev.

That being said, I have absolutely no qualms about soliciting other things from you all. :)

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that I am a huge music buff.
I love music. Music makes me happy. Music motivates me.
I had a music collection many would envy. Possibly even you.

Alas, my collection is no more, so here is my favor that I am asking...

Anyone who would like to help my sanity, please feel free to make me a CD (or two, or three, or a bazillion), and send to moi at:

28858 Creek Bend Dr.
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

The CD's can be of anything that you like, that you think I would like, or even things that you don't like- 'cuz chances are I will.

I realize that won't be enough guidance for some, and you will want to know what types of music I listen to... you difficult people...
Quite the eclectic taste musically, so follow along my little ones...

Anything 80's/ Sisters of Mercy/ Switchblade Symphony/ Public Image Limited/ Matthew Sweet/ Billy Bragg/ the Church/ Janes Addiction/ New Order/ CVB/ Concrete Blonde/ Kitchens of Distinction/ Peter Murphy/ Nena/ Echo & the Bunnymen/ TMBG/ Genitorturers/ Siouxsie & the Banshees/ the Cars/ David Bowie/ Depeche Mode/ Velvet Underground/ Sloan/ Pet Shop Boys/ Plimsouls/ Stone Roses/ Psychedelic Furs/ Duran Duran/ the Smiths/ Morrissey/ Husker Du/ Sugar/ Bjork/ AC/DC/ Mindless Self Indulgence/ Bauhaus/ the Vandals/ Parasites/ Descendants/ old Ministry/ Dead Kennedys/ Slick Rick/ George Clinton/ Eazy-E/ NWA/ Public Enemy/ Mix-a-Lot/ Luke/ MC Chris/ Steel Pulse/ Black Eyed Peas/ the Rakes/ the Cure/ Plastiscene/ Aztec Camera/ Adam Ant/ Arcade Fire/ PWEI/ David Bowie/ BIF Naked/ Yo la Tengo/ Fingers eleven/ Gorillaz/ the Charlatans/ Chameleons and yes...Journey.

Just a sampling y'know.
Many thanks go out to you.
I love, love, love, each and every one of you. Oh yes, like that.

If you are not so musically inclined, there is also Kev's way.

Let it be known there is also an APB out for Baby Einstein and So Smart videos. You all know how much Jaysen loved his tapes- he is still pining for them (even though we have been able to replace some of them). He is especially upset about losing "Red Baby Mozart". Red Baby Mozart is the Baby Mozart VHS that has a white sticker on the tape casing, and Baby Mozart is written in red writing. It was Jaysen's first video, so it holds special meaning to him.
If anyone is able to locate this, please send it our way. He (and I) will be eternally grateful!

Thank you, and I'll continue to update.


mom2spiritedboy said...

I am also wondering about your son's beloved tapes - are you in need of replacements???? Or are you taking this opportunity as a permanent purge???? I would be happy to see what I can round up for him if it would help - let me know.

I think of your family often!!!!

mommy~dearest said...

Thank you- I will update my post to include Jaysen's beloved Baby Einstein and So Smart collections!

datri said...

y'know, I have a bunch of those 80s CDs -- seriously, someone else has heard of Aztec Camera? I've got them on my Zune now, so I can certainly part with the CDs. It's the least I can do. How about Mission UK & Gene Loves Jezebel?

Shea's Mom said...

I am sending you some bucks but more importantly I sending you some love. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are.

I mentioned you in my blog.

Hang in there.


Shea's Mom said...

PS - tunes on the way.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I'm an Aztec Camera fan too! Wow - there are three of us :) I'm leaving in two days for a month-long trip, but as soon as I get back, I'll be happy to contribute to rebuilding your music collection (since I've got a ton of what you listed). Thinking of you and sending big hugs.

mommy~dearest said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! We're totally going to have to have an 80's momstock. Thank you all, again!

ali said...

i cannot tell you how many times i ahve thought about you guys since this happened to you. i also wanted to help, but knew you kept your blog very incognito, and didnt want to be pushy. i just read your most recent post and was so excited to tell my 20 year old daughter about the music. she is ON THE CASE! shes all pumped to make you some CD's and they will be on the way shortly. HANG IN THERE. with love from RAINY ASS NH, ali & daughter Kristin

Icca said...

Hi. I've contacted a few ebay sellers about their baby Mozart tapes to ask if they have the right colored-label. Hopefully they will and I can send it along your way!

Icca said...

Unfortunately all the responses came back negative. I'm still waiting on one more response, but I'm guessing if they don't respond today they probably won't. Even if I can't track down a red one, I'll still send a tape or three along. :)

Meg said...

Can you use Baby Einstein DVDs at all? I don't think we have any VHS, but we're drowning in the DVDs, only a handful of which my son still watches. Or Thomas DVDs? Tons of those. I'll dig out our box of VHS to see what's in there.

Oh, and I'll totally join you at that 80's party!!

Thinking of you and your family.

Icca said...

I sent along some tapes! I got them from ebay so hopefully they'll ship sooner rather than later.

Joeymom said...

You don't just like 80s music. You like totally awesome 80s music. Do you do the Violent Femmes, or is that too edgy around the kids?