Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lessons to learn with Mario.


Jaysen was playing Super Paper Mario (because I let my kids rot their brains on things like video games and television...), and he announces, "This is a platform game".

I wasn't going to correct anything, but then I thought I'd better mention something just in case his statement later led to a google search of platform games...

"Actually, Jaysen, Paper Mario is a role-playing game. It's called an RPG (nerd)."

"But Mario is a platform game?"
"Yes, regular Mario is a platform game (and its 5000 varieties). Paper Mario is an RPG."
"An RPG. Role-Playing Game. It's when you have to walk around, talk to people, read signs... it's interactive."
"RPG is interactive. You do things."
*sigh* and pause - (why do I even try if he isn't listening?) "A..."
"Can you say it again... more slower?"

He was listening.
And what an awesome job self-advocating.

Am proud.


Katy said...

That's awesome. I am trying to teach my 13 (almost) year old twin boys how to interact with each other like that but all they do is scream at each other when they get frustrated.

So how'd you teach him? Any great tips? :-)

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

That's great! Usually when I get a series of "whats" it's because Nigel's totally distracted.

Niksmom said...

Way to self-advocae, J!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! m~d, take a bow, too!

mommy~dearest said...

Are you kidding me? This was a one time deal- hopefully, there will be more... :)

Julie L. said...

That's a great story. My guy has been asking me to define workd (what does that mean?)and it makes my day. : )