Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Mother's Day Evar.

So geeked.
I had the absolute best Mother's Day.

I woke up to breakfast in bed-
Companion cooked, but told me Jaysen had full charge of the menu.
An egg sammich with cheese, bacon, and coffee.

On the tray was also a small wrapped present, a plant, and a card from Jaysen and Rylan.
I read the cards, so sweet... Jaysen had asked Rylan what he wanted on his card- Ry chose an airplane, so Jaysen drew it for him.

I unwrapped the present to find a gorgeous heart-shaped bread warmer
(which is on my mantle, and will NOT be warming any bread, thank you).

My question of why there was a plant on the tray (plant is the new flower?), was answered when I was instructed to unwrap it...

For real? It's gorgeous! Look at the time that was put into that baby!

I didn't really get a chance to eat my breakfast-
I was lead out into the hallway, where Jaysen turned back to Companion and said,
"She's gonna cry."

Of course, he was right.

I also got this awesome picture

And accolades galore...

For those with vertigo, a translation:

1. She is beautiful. (he's so observant)
2. My mom is nice.
3. My mom is a good cook. (coming from a kid who never eats...I must make a mean cheese-it)
4. My mom plays games with me. (faith healer?)
5. My mom teaches me euerything (everything).
6. My mom is a good mom.
7. My mom is my helper.
8. My mom takes no cigarettes. (he's proud I quit smoking)
9. My mom is super very smart. (apparently, so is he)
10. My mom reads books to me.


Companion explained that Jaysen had done such a good job keeping his secrets- not giving me my present(s) before Mother's Day, and keeping their plans under wraps.
For the past week, Jaysen would intermittently say to Companion "I want something to say to you" and would pull Companion in his bedroom and close the door.
They were totally conspiring!

Jaysen was so proud of himself.
He was so excited that he pulled everything off and it made me so happy.
I was absolutely overwhelmed.

My boys-


Marshella said...

How awesome is that?! And he has really good penmanship too. That was so sweet - he should be proud! (And I already know you are.) Happy Mother's Day!

Katy said...

Smart kid you have there. If you've made Mom cry (happy tears) then it is a WIN!

So what's a bread warmer anywho?

Queenbuv3 said...

Holy crap! I wrote a post on my blog titled "Best Mother's Day Ever!" And mine included breakfast in bed and lots of kid made goodies! Glad you had a good, I mean best, Mother's Day too!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Right on! That would be the best in anyone's book! You deserve it!

Casdok said...

Awww sounds just fab!

Maddy said...

Ahhhh. I had the best one yet ever too!