Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ten more reasons my ex-husband is a jerk-wad.

10. Despite my plan not to, I called Ex last week to see if he had plans to come out and see Jaysen for Christmas. He finally called after the third time.

9. He explained that he probably wouldn't be bringing the twins (his sons from a previous marriage) because they were mad at their mom. Erp?

8. Because he was going to see them on Christmas Day, he wanted to see Jaysen the day after Christmas. We confirmed the 26th. That was on Sunday.

7. Monday, I got a call from Ex, asking when could he come see Jaysen for Christmas. Um... have I mentioned he is a relapsed junkie?

6. The 26th wasn't going to work for him because his girlfriend has to work. Could they come Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve is traditionally for me and the boys, but if that's what I'm left with, sure, join us for dinner.

5. Ex and girlfriend come over and tell me they won't be staying, and they're taking Jaysen out to dinner. WTF?

4. When they get back from Burger King (because they have Nintendo Wii toys there now, and we all know that means...MARIO), they give Jaysen his presents. Rylan has to watch Jaysen open these presents, wondering where his is. I know it's not his responsibility, but seriously, would it have killed them to bring Rylan a matchbox car?

3. Ex reminds me they can only stay for two hours because they have to go to girlfriend's grandma's house.

2. They may have stayed an hour.

1. This is only the 3rd time he has been to see Jaysen this year.


StatMama said...

Wow. Awesome. I see why this is filed under craptastic. On the bright side, the kids have YOU.

Casdok said...

Men can be so useless. But as StatMama says - they do have you.

Hope you have a wonderful christmas x

J said...

Sending you support and understanding. Hope you and your beautiful boys have a wonderful Christmas.

LAA and Family said...

Sorry to hear about this, I hope that you and your boys enjoyed a nice Christmas day together after enduring this.

Osh said...


A Bishops Wife said...

Excuse me for being blunt but

Your ex sounds like a FART!

I hope things went well for you this christmas.

Hugs/prayers for you.

Ashley's Mom said...

Wow! Is your ex-husband also my ex-husband? I could have almost written the same blog word for word.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I think our ex's may be related.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. What a jerk.

I see my you know who becoming very similar to this. It is heart breaking. I hope I am wrong but I can so see this happening with M.

It sucks.