Friday, December 5, 2008

Autism Center

This evening, Audrey from a local Autism Center is coming out to talk to me about services they may have available to Jaysen. I was hesitant at first, because so many of the "programs" out there are either just so off the wall that I can't justify subjecting my child to them, or they're so expensive that they're just plain unattainable. I'll have to see what she suggests.

This place seems cool though. She met with my family and we discussed our concerns with Jaysen. My concerns, of course, were different than the concerns of my parents, but every concern was legitimate, and every concern was addressed.

The main one was behavior. I am able to explain (not condone) most of Jaysen's behavior, especially the perceived negative ones. This woman understood. She not only understood, but she was able to confirm my justifications, and supplement them to my parents. Very important because it's always a good thing to have a "professional" backing you up in my family. She also observed him for a half day at school, and a half day at home. Although he was a perfect angel, she said she had some good observations.

For the past couple of weeks, I was supposed to have been collecting data on Jaysen and his negative behaviors. Yeah- supposed to have been. I haven't exactly done that due to the time constraints of daily life. There was his project, Thanksgiving, this, and of course that, and where did I put that tracking chart... you get the idea. I'm hoping we'll be able to make do without it.

The plus side is Audrey really seems to like us. Which is cool because I really liked her too. Like, I want to hang out with her and have coffee. The "interview" and observation was supposed to cost $250. I was able to receive a $200 scholarship, which left a $50 balance. I was cool with that. Audrey talked to her supervisor about me and somehow had the $50 balance waived! Love. this. woman.

She gushed about how awesome Jaysen was when she observed him, told me some of the things he did that impressed her, and most importantly, she "gets" my kid, and I got nothin' but love for people who can do that so effortlessly.

So, I'm curious as to what will go on tonight- if it will be a cornucopia of options, or if she will turn into Audrey-the-dream-crusher and demand a million dollars for an experimental treatment that just may make my son grow another head. Hey- maybe that one would eat?

I also have a surprise party for my friend 'Toya tonight. If it goes horribly wrong with Audrey, I can always sail with The Captain.


Marla said...

Wow! I am excited to hear what they can offer! Please let us know.

StatMama said...

Cautious optimisim. I know it well. I hope things work out!

Bonnie said...

She sounds awesome! I know it's hard to believe and I've learned this after what seems many years of dealing with such things, but there really are people out there that will help and and that care about your kid and you! Please keep us up to date on what happens!

I like my Capt. Morgans with diet Coke please!

therextras said...

Crossing my fingers and other available body parts for you. Am so professional. I know.

kia (good enough mama) said...

I too am excited to see what can be done to support you and Jaysen. This sounds like you're on track for getting some much-needed help and, more importantly, understanding. Good luck with this and keep us know, in all your spare time. ;)

LAA and Family said...

I hope things will work out for you all with this! We started in-home services almost 4 years ago, when my son was 6. It was very necessary.. he was starting to throw electronic equipment and was pushing down his 3 year old brother. I was pregnant at the time and was scared for the baby's safety. Anyways, we had those services for 2 years and it was a godsend. Now I have in-home helpers for 30 hours per week through a medicaid waiver. Another godsend!