Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Once upon a breakfast.

Mornings are hectic. This morning was no different.

Usually, I run around the house while preparing for takeoff- finish getting ready for work, keeping an eye on Jaysen's juice so Rylan doesn't drink it, collecting books for backpack, ice pack in lunchbox, hunting down videos, crapzilla there's the bus!!! Y'know- everyday "morning" kinda stuff.

I usually have 15 minutes to gauge if Jaysen is going to eat some form of breakfast.
Chances are- he's not.

My tactic is that while I'm running, I will make a detour over to Jaysen every few minutes to stick a forkfull of waffle in his mouth. Careful not to displace any syrup because ohmigod that's a total sensory disaster waiting to happen. All he has to do is chew and swallow.
Don't judge. no breakfast = crabby kid. You come live with him.

This morning, however, I realize I am actually sitting on the couch feeding him. Forkful after forkful, waffle, waffle, sausage, waffle, waffle, sausage...WTF?

I stop, and give Jaysen this cockeyed 'how did I get here' look-
"Jaysen... why am I feeding you????"

He looked dead at me and said-
" 'Cuz I'm...Super Cool Jaysen."

Oh, for real? Because you mom's laughing so hard there's snot coming out of her nose.
Now that's super cool.


Ashley's Mom said...

Oh please share your super coolness with me. My mornings are hell and I usually end up feeding my daughter also (even though she is perfectly capable of feeding herself).

Bobbi said...

That is hilarious! Parker makes me feed him top ramen because he doesn't like the noodles dripping on him. I also have to feed him cupcakes because he doesn't like the frosting all over his hands. Funny boy!

Marshella said...

I end up feeding Deklan quite often. In fact the other night, "I told him I will not feed you tonight." Of course that was while I was putting a fork full of food in his mouth. LOL

Static Mom said...

A cool kid indeed. Now if I could get someone to feed me, I'd never have to stop typing! Muahahahaha!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Jaysen's got it all figured out! Super cool indeed! You've got yourself a funny one - and smart, too.

Jodi said...

Well...then K must be super cool too...LOL

Heike said...

Yeah. I like your line "don't judge, come and live here for a while". Mind if i borrow that, like, daily?
Oh, to have a quiet morning with a coffee and a newspaper. Do you remember that?

Mama Mara said...

My Taz is a sensory seeker who likes to eat pancakes drowned in syrup. With his bare hands. By the end of breakfast, he looks like Winnie the Pooh at the bottom of a pot of honey.

I'm not judging you; I'm envying you and your Super-Cool, non-stick Jaysen!

Casdok said...

Lol! Excellent! I must remember to tell C that next time i feed him!!

Marla said...

Too funny! I have had moments like that with M and my nephew. Once I accidentaly leaned towards a friend and tried to feed them! I meant to lean towards my nephew. It was so funny. I have done the same things at med. time. Trying to hand medications to Joe or a friend when they were meant for M. Once a mom, always a mom!

J said...

Very funny post. We do what we have to, don't we?

Like Marla, I've tried to give meds to the wrong person to--usually the little brother.

kristi said...

LOL....mornings are not fun at my house either!