Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bunk bed-lam.

I'd promised Jaysen he could have a bunk bed for his (last) birthday, and since his (next) birthday is soon approaching, I felt I needed to make good on my word. Being that things have been tight for awhile, I decided to forgo the fancy-schmancy bunk beds and get the cheapest one (which is actually a loft, with the plan being to put his old bed under it to make it a "bunk" bed). I know- hindsight is 20/20. Whatev.

I must enjoy suffering. Why else would I think it would be a good idea to get Jaysen a bunk bed that had to be made? This was a little more than just having to put it together, yet just short of having to chop down your own trees. The "bed" arrived in 2 boxes, and when we opened them, what do you think we found? Lumber. Complete with the lumberyard stamps on the wood and all. I can't even call it rustic, because rustic implies there's a sense of style there.

It was supposed to take "approximately one hour" to set up- thirteen hours later...we decided to finish it the next morning before we killed each other. Companion even considered converting to Christianity because "Jesus knew how to build shit out of wood". But now, I am proud to say, the bed is up.

And Jaysen loves it.

He has hardly come out of his room all day. He's got his little set up on the top bed, complete with DVD player, snack tray, and pillows galore. He is in his new fortress, and even set up the bottom bed for Lil' Rylan (who is still in a crib). How sweet.

As the night progressed, he brushed his teeth by himself in the bathroom (usually, I have to brush them in his bed), got his jammas on, and went to bed ten minutes early.

Then it started.
Either he was a little freaked out, or he thought the bed was really super-cool, because every time I'd walk by his bedroom, he'd pop up and say "Hi Mommy!" or "How's it goin' Mommy?" or "Whatcha doin' Mommy?" Oh brother.

Next came the "I need some water".
"Okay..." got water for dehydrated child-
Two minutes later: "Can I have another sip of water?"
Go to bedroom to give top-bunker another sip.
Two minutes later: "Mommy, I need some more water."
Get kid another sip of water, go to kitchen and find flip-top spill proof drinking vessel.
Hoist vessel to top bunk so child can self-hydrate.
Start plans for shelving addition to bed.

Jaysen finally went to sleep- then in the middle of the night, "Mommy...can you lay wif me?!?"
I climb out of bed and shuffle into Jaysen's room. I gently tell him to go back to sleep, and I'll lay on the bottom bed (like our plan).

"But I want to go down inna bottom bed an sleep wif yoooooou!"
But the plan! What about The Plan?!? The Plan was your big idea to sleep by yourself all night in your own bed, and now you're not sticking to your own plan!!!

I? Am a sucker.


Tanya Savko said...

That's a good sign that Jaysen has fun with the bed during the day! Hope you get some sleep soon!

Anonymous said...

Love your stories, m~d! Barbara

Anonymous said...

I am glad he loves the bed. We talked with M about getting her one of the lofts so she had more area to play in since her room is small. She refused. Bummer.

kia (good enough mama) said...

From one sucker to another: I love this story! Especially the rustic-feel of the bed. Err, sorry. Rustic is a style. The uh, shabby chic feel?? Is that better?

Jackie said...

Well, if nothing else, you now have a new, "rustic", overpriced... shelf?