Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dress to impress.

My boss and I have this strange relationship.
He is a very powerful, prominent guy in our company- he's the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer- and don't you dare abbreviate any of that!
He's straight laced and professional.

Then there's me.

Not that I am unprofessional, because when duty calls, trust me- I can deliver. But those who know me in real life, will tell you that I'm pretty down to earth, quirky, low maintenance, sarcastic, and a damn ball full o' joy to be around. Or crazy. But we'll stick with the former.

So Boss and I have these personality differences, and I think he actually enjoys my quirkiness. Matter of fact, he sometimes tries to engage in these quippy little stand-offs with me, and I'm torn because I have to keep reminding myself that he is my boss. That means that I have to let him win by default. Argh.

Case in point: My boss comes into my office with this grin from ear to ear.

This usually means he was thinking of some hysterical comment/comeback/ditty and finally has it worked out in his head.

Me: (eyes wide waiting for delivery, with that 'I'mreallybusybutcanIhelpYOU?' look)
Boss: Were you disoriented this morning when you woke up?
Me: (looking all crookilated at him) Um... why?
Boss: (barely containing himself) Because you're wearing a dress today!
Me: *blink, blink* Hahaaaaa.
(Have to feign like that was the funniest thing I've experienced this side of a desk, when actually I think it's much funnier that he takes the newspaper into the bathroom with him everyday.)

Truth is, although I'm far from a tomboy, I don't usually wear dresses (Gee- wonder why?).
I wanted to slap him, but that wouldn't have been very lady-like. I am in a dress after all.
Unless I curtsied first.


Bobbi said...

That's funny that he tries to be funny! I never wear dresses either. In fact, Parker gets upset if I do.

therextras said...

m~d, your life would make a really good comedy sitcom on [with]tv. Must include the boss and Geeky Neighbor.

kia (good enough mama) said...

He was totally checking you out. Totally. ;)

Mama Mara said...

I once had a boss who said to me, "This speech you wrote me is crap. And that dress you're wearing is even worse."

Like your boss better.