Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation highlights

We're back from Charlevoix! Yes, we missed you too.

First, some awesome houses designed and built by Earl A. Young:

A mushroom house

And a hobbit house

Then there was swimming:

Lots of fun at the beach:

And watching the sunset:

Of course, Jaysen had his own highlights, which he captured himself...

The draw-bridge:

Ice cream:

And the vending machine at the hotel:

It was a very nice getaway, despite that it was cold for most of the time. Beach-fun was mostly limited to playing in the sand and on the playground, but it warmed up the last day, and Jaysen was happy he finally got to swim in the lake.

Companion and I met the "town crazy" who had coffee with us one night. Well, we were having coffee, he was pouring vodka into a coffee cup. He also took his shirt off so Companion could "check out his tan" 10:00pm. That was just before he pulled out a joint, and told me to take a scissors to my jeans and cut 'em off really really short- y'know, to show everything off. Eep. Go away scary-man.

In other news, Jaysen lost another tooth in Charlevoix. He is now missing both of his front teeth, which makes conversation interesting with him. He'll ask me a question, and gets frustrated if I don't understand him. But he's finding out all of the cool things you can do with no front teeth- like drink through a straw, eating french fries, and inserting other various objects into your mouth without opening it.

Oh! I did manage to ask Jaysen if he was still going to get married while we were there, to which he replied, "I did!" Hmm... I suppose I missed the wedding.


Bobbi said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a great vacation! Sorry about the weird guy! He sounds sexy, lol!

Maddy said...

We made it to ankle depth this year too, we're hoping for knees next year.

Jodi said...

You must fix that boy some mashed potatos so that he can experience the fun of mooshing those through his teeth.

mommy~dearest said...

That would be cool but he won't eat mashed potatoes. That consistency is the ultimate violation of food, in his book.

Anonymous said...

Love that top house. It looks so neat.

Glad your vaca went well. Great pictures.

J said...

We've had "cold" beach vacations too and are hoping for warm weather for our vacations coming up soon. I'm glad Jaysen got to swim on the last day. I loved the crazy-man story and your pics, but it's too bad you missed getting those wedding photos. ; )

Ashley's Mom said...

I love your vacation pictures, and am very jealous because I can't go on vacation this year :(

Jerry Grasso said...

Oh, one of those kinds of weddings! Vegas/Reno-esque!

mommy~dearest said...

Yep, just like his mama. ;)