Sunday, July 20, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes part 2.

Those of us with children, know that they change us in body, mind, and spirit. Those of us who have had children a little later than planned, are aware that the "body" part of those changes, do not necessarily spring back as easily as it had when we were younger.

After I had Jaysen, I was back to my pre-pregnancy size within 2 months. Rylan... a whole other story. Rylan was so cruel to my body, that I am still left with this (among other things) wonderful little reminder of him in utero, in what I can only describe as what looks like silly-putty where my lean, flat stomach used to be. Jaysen lovingly refers to it as my "squishy belly". Yes, this child does me wonders in the self esteem department.

You must also remember Jaysen's prior obsession with "boobies" and The Great Boobie Predicament. Since our talks about breasts being "private parts", he's gotten better with this and doesn't try to gratuitously sneak a squeeze or perseverate on the word itself anymore. Matter of fact, he doesn't really even say the word "boobies" much above a whisper.

That being said, I took Jaysen swimming. We were in the locker room changing out of our bathing suits (because there is no way I would allow him to go into the men's locker room by himself), when I took my top off and turned to grab my shirt, only to hear Jaysen laughing-

"Mommy, I can see your...oval things."


Oval things?



Anonymous said...

That made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Creating new meanings for words. That's called, er, intelligence!