Saturday, May 3, 2008


Thanks to lastcrazyhorn, I feel obligated to participate in the meme she tagged me with. Hey- I have an incredible amount of guilt since I skipped out on her last, she threatened to chew my toes if I didn't comply. So here it is-

5 Things

5 things in my bag:
Stray pieces of gum with fuzzy lint adhered to them (magically this appears even when the gum is still wrapped)
Loose change
Jaysen's "Wilbarger brush"
Bouncy ball for emergencies
My sanity? Because I sure can't find it anywhere else

5 favorite things in my room: I'm going to assume this is referring to a bedroom
My bed
Sandalwood solid lotion from Lush
Painting on canvas of a devil-girl with a martini
Canvas of Jack Skellington
Gripfast to-the-knee combat boots

5 things I don't do anymore:
Bite my nails
Torture my sister
Go "clubbing"

5 favorite flowers:
Morning Glory
Lilly of the Valley

Voila! And it truly was almost painless!
I am opening the tag to anyone who hasn't been tagged yet, as I am still searching for my sanity.


Anonymous said...

I bet your sanity is out drinking with my sanity.

I didn't know you had a sister! I just totally randomized that and got it right! Whee!

Coming at some point in the near future will be a post about weighted vests. I'm wearing mine right now, because if I wasn't, I think I would start screaming.

mommy~dearest said...

At least our sanities(?) are out having a good time!

Oooh...I will be anxiously awaiting your post on weighted vests! Jaysen wears a pressure vest at times during school- he kept taking the weighted on off, and he won't wear the backpack. I'm looking into getting him a weighted blanket, but they're soooo expensive!

Hops said...

LOVE the solid lotions from Lush. And basically anything from Lush, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

It is tough keeping up with memes. Loved reading yours.

Casdok said...

Well done!! I can identify with a few of those!