Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got somethin' in your teeth.

Today, we sat for 8 hours, trying to get somewhere on the never-ending IEP. We had to reschedule as we ran out of time before we even came to the goals. But progress was made- we have a beautiful PLAAFP statement, and the supports/services section is so strong it could bend steel.

The most difficult part of those 8 hours, was attempting to keep my cool while the principal straight lied through her teeth.

We were discussing consequences. My issue was that any kid who gets in trouble is given the opportunity to defend himself and explain his actions by giving his side of the story. My son doesn't necessarily have that option nor ability. I asked that I be consulted in the investigation process, so I may offer my advice and reasoning as to why he did what he did, if it was a stim, perseveration, script...whatever the case may be. The all powerful principal didn't like that. How dare I question her authority.

The incident came up with his "suspension". So I used that example as a defense on why understanding the intent is so important, and how misinterpretations can lead to unwarranted and unproductive consequences.

Remember when she made the statement, "It's a general ed classroom, people are going to do things like take pictures."? (Read the whole asser-iffic conversation here, although I do have to warn you that you may actually lose IQ points by the sheer stupidity of it)
I referenced that meeting, and she looked straight ahead and said "I never had that conversation with you."

Whaaaat? (Down, Momzilla! Down!)

I took a breath and told her we can debate that later, but we have an IEP to attend to at the moment. What I really wanted to do is call her lying ass out, right there in front of the whole Team, but I restrained myself and played the mature role.

Later, when I met privately with the Sp.ed Coordinator and the lawyer privately, I said to her, "Ms.Sp.ed were there at that meeting. You were there when she said that about the 'being able to take picture' thing." She laughed, nodded her head, and said "yes". She knows how fed up I am with all of these erratic idiots, and at least had the decency to acknowledge that I am not part of this problem at least.
Treat my kid like crap, and now lie about it to save face. How about... don't treat him like crap in the first place, then you wouldn't have to worry about things like saving face, Ms. Principal, now would you? Flippin' liar.

Shit- maybe sher really doesn't remember having that conversation with me. Maybe she's got some kind of personality disorder, and I was dealing with Lolita, her alter-ego, that day? Maybe she was coming off a bender and totally blacked that conversation out? Maybe she has a lie-quota to fill for the school year? Maybe she's delusional, and thought she was at someone else's IEP? I don't know, I'm just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, this just reaffirms that I need to get Jaysen out of that school. She has it in for him, things are not going to get any better, and I am making the right choice in sending him elsewhere.

More later, as I am beat.


Ashley's Mom said...

I wish I could send you away for a day at a spa - massage, pedicure, manicure, healthy food - and not a lying school person to be seen.

I've often wondered how these people sleep at night - especially when their noses start to grow.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda in the mood for braining people. Where is she?

BTW, I've tagged you . . .

You have to respond. Or I will chew on your toes.

Genevieve Hinson said...

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mommy~dearest said...

Ashley's mom...I wish you could send me for a day at the spa too! :)

Lastcrazyhorn- you better not come near my toes or I shall poke you in the eye with my "thumb-foot". (Jaysen's word for big toe) heehee.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm with Ashley's mom -- spa vacation for you! I wish they'd write that into some legislation: school districts will pay all expenses for spa vacation for each IEP meeting at which they are caught lying or ignoring the law. Yay! Spa vacations for everyone! :)

kristi said...

Oh my is awful that your son's school doesn't care about his best interest. That is very unfair.