Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's to the new year.

2007 was a rough year. I could recap, but I'm hoping to start the year in a positive light. I am looking forward to starting 2008 with a fresh look and a new energy. I have no "resolutions" because I am not setting up any expectations. I have learned that if you do not reach a goal, it can lead you to disappointment. If you achieve a goal, you tend to stop there because the goal has been met. Goals can be limiting as well (think IEP?) By not setting specific goals, I am hoping that I will strive my farthest, and surpass any "goals" that I may have set.

Jaysen goes back to school tomorrow- he's not thrilled in the least. I tried to tell him that there will be some changes when he returns (he's supposed to have a 30-day parapro, as well as a new behavior plan), but he wasn't having it. "It's January?" he asks. "Yes, it's January". "Nooooo!"

The universities in my state, are trying to pass a new degree. I don't know much about it, but it's supposedly a "degree in Autism" of sorts. I have to find out more information about it, but I'm really considering going for it. My current degree is in Sign Language Studies- Although I have always loved Sign and the Deaf Community, I was horribly misled about the marketability of my degree. It's a long story that perhaps I'll get into another time. Going back to school right now, would be very difficult for me. I have Jaysen, and a baby. Although I work full time, my financial situation is less than desirable. Would Jaysen be able to handle me being away at class (he has become SO clingy)? Would I be able to study or write papers? I really don't know. I just feel that if there is a way that I could help Jaysen, and students that will follow him, I need to at least try.

My heart really lies in advocacy. It always has. I have always taken up for the "underdog", even as a child, and advocacy is something I have always loved. The problem is- advocacy is a "volunteer" position. I would love to be the support to people (and in my case, parents)- Yes, I will fight for your child. Yes, I will go with you to meetings and IEP's. Yes, I will educate you about your rights. Yes, I will educate the schools about your rights as well. Yes, I will work with the team to provide a program where your child can thrive. Yes, you can call me at home for any reason. Blahbitty blah. The truth of it is, though- I need a full time job, with benefits. We all know the expense involved raising a child, especially a "special needs" child, and I couldn't do it on a volunteer basis. Why is money such an issue? Why can't we just go back to trading beads? I have lots of those. I'll trade you two shiny purple beads for this book? They're really shiny.

Oh well. It's a thought.

Happy New Year everyone.
May this year hold the best and brightest for you and your families.


Casdok said...

And your too!
We have a degree in autism here, looks quite interesting.
And we have paid advocacy jobs! They however are few and far between. Ive got to look for work this year, but just cant decide what i want to do.
Is there anyway you could get funding and coordinate advocacy volunteers???
Make it 3 beads and its a trade!

Marla said...

Good luck with your job search. I hope this new year brings a job with benefits and one you love. Advocacy is a great feeling! Happy New Year!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Happy New Year! It is possible to have folks pay for advocacy service (we have paid an advocate because my mind just does not work in a way that's compatible with legal battles), but it's a small, self-run business -- so definitely no benefits or guaranteed steady pay.

A Bishops wife said...

I have gone back to school. I am in University studying "Criminal Justice". I would love to learn and become an advocate.

England has a degree in Autism?
I would be doing that in a second if it was offered here.
(I do not want to look stupid, it is England, right?)LOL.

tootsie said...

go for it, mommie!!!

Pickel said...

I'll take the orange beads, please?

Ashley loves Leo said...

I just love reading your posts. You have such great passion and energy. I say go for it!