Thursday, October 20, 2011

More cowbell.

I was just prepping to write about the less-than-fabulous year we are having at this new school this year, but then everything took a turn and it seems things are magically working themselves out.  Hmm.  Kind of tweaks me out when things just fall into place like that. 

I find out that my son doesn't really have a teacher.
Sure, he has a teacher....but only for fire drills. 
Okay, well his homeroom teacher is only for fire drills. 
Somebody better start 'splaining....

Turns out that he really doesn't have a homeroom teacher for all intents and purposes.
Jaysen requires significant support in reading comprehension and math.
Due to scheduling conflicts (yeah...I know), he is in the Resource Room for this support, while the other kids in his "class" are in their homeroom learning these subjects. 
He is, however, in GenEd for Social Studies, Science, and everything else.
Okay...I will stop clenching my teeth.

And now for The Good.
Jaysen has been having difficulty with the viola.
He's doing very well with the classwork (got an A on his first test), begrudgingly practices, and has never once complained about lugging that thing to and from school.
He just can't "get" the mechanics of it.


I suggested he be allowed to switch, because the drive and interest is there- he wants to play something, and is open to suggestion.  He wanted to play trombone.  I talked him into maybe trying trumpet first.  He agreed. 
After some minor friction with the Team about allowing him to change from orchestra to band, we just had a trial with the band teacher. 
The trumpet and cornet were very difficult for Jaysen.  Think blowing-the-ass-out-of-your-pants difficult.  The teacher left the room and came back with a different instrument.  He noted that Jaysen had more instant success with this one, and if he were to recommend an instrument, this would be it. 

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Baritone.
 After the hysterical laughter subsided....he looks kinda good with that, doesn't he?  And I'd imagine the sheer size and weight may have a grounding affect for him.  Interesting.
He will need private lessons for a bit to catch up with the rest of the class, but it's all kinds of awesome.


Niksmom said...

Hey, it takes a strong and confident guy to play the baritone! YAY, J!

TherExtras said...

ALL kinds of awesome!


Accidental Expert said...

He looks quite handsome with that!