Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lookout Ron Popeil!

 Yes!  You can now own a little bit of The Quirk Factor for your very own! 
This Zazzle-store-thing was hilariously fun.  You should try it too.

Granted, they pulled a bunch of stuff I made like this...
Something about not having Samuel L Jackson's permission to use his image....grumblegrumble.  Samuel L Jackson would totally support this, yo.  Me and Sam are *likethis*.  Kind of.  Okay, whatever.

Anyway.... Click here to go to The Quirk Factory

That's mah store.  The Quirk Factory.  Get it?  Bwahaha...sometimes I kill myself with cleverness.
There's a bunch more hilarity there, and if you're a longtime follower here, you may even think it's hilarious too.   Including, but not limited to: Autism humor, blog quotes, artwork, and shameless self promotion.

You know you want an ornament designed by Jaysen, hanging from your tree this year!
And even if you don't, someone else probably does.  They make great presents. 
And I'll even take requests.

I may not be as good a marketer as Vince Offer:
But I'm also not going to beat up any hookers, either. 
So there you have it. 
No hookers were harmed in the making of my products.  

Go check it out and let me know whatcha think.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool, but why 14.92% off for Columbus Day weekend? Why not straight up SJM