Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have so much updating I need to do- not to mention my blog was hijacked and I couldn't get in...it's a little overwhelming, but I promise I will get there.  Pinky Swear.
But first-
You all know what today is, right?

Did you really think Jaysen was going to start 5th grade without my annual
First Day of School Freakout?!?
Hahaha....no...you know me better than that!
I am realizing, though, that The Freakouts are happening for a shorter period of time, so that's improvement...

We met the Resource Room teacher and he seems Awesome.  I'm very excited that he remembered Jaysen from ESY, and said they worked well together.  He also is kind of "tech-y", and is willing to help and encourage Jaysen's interest with basic computer-stuffs.  Double bonus there.  His Super-Awesome Resource Room teacher from The Awesome School is now his guidance counselor, so we also have that going for us.  It really looks like his year is going to start off with the right supports.  There's a couple of craperiffic things going on this year too, such as the horrible principal from the Bad School is now his assistant principal, and his parapro seems kind of clueless, but I'm hoping neither of those will be issues this year.  Om...

Jaysen was totally excited to start school today.
This is pretty huge, since for one, said child is getting bigger, with all new "big kid" responsibilities, such as *ahem* deodorant usage and the like, but also changes in our district, have now made him an "upper elementary" student.  Ooh-la-la!  This means a total change. 
New school, new teachers, new schedules, new kids, new curriculum, and holy shit LOCKERS....it's just a whole buncha NEW.  We don't usually do Teh New.  But Jaysen was excited, and that's always a bonus.  Except this year he didn't make me wait for the bus 45 minutes early.  Yay!

Here's what I think helped his new routine:

Awesome idea:  Morning routine written on mirror with a dry erase marker.  This way, he checks off the steps that need to be carried out to make a new morning routine. 
Smooooth, like buttah.                                 

Really, Mom....the camera?  I'm just brushing my hair. 
Give it a rest, yo.

Ta-da!  All ready for the First Day of School!  Yes, I tucked in the offending pockets. 
Also, need to work on the striking a pose.  Lookout Village People.

And here's what I think helped me:


Karen said...

Your last pic made me LOL! So, how did it go? Did he like it?

Joeymom said...

You only have one box?

Anonymous said...

Really, Sparten brand apple juice? SJM

Anonymous said...

I hope you put it in a plastic cup like they do at Applebees. Just sayin

mommy~dearest said...

He did like it! And minimal issues, so I'm chalking it up as a success. :)

Shhh...I have a box on deck in the pantry.

Spartan is top shelf, yo.

If I do plastic, then I have to recycle.