Friday, May 13, 2011

I heart lampposts


I was given the opportunity to review a film called Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic.  Todd Drezner takes an interesting, and refreshing approach to gain knowledge about his son's diagnosis.  I say refreshing, because this is honestly the first time I have ever seen the topic presented in a 100% unbiased, non-judgemental, and eyes fully open approach.  Drezner spends time seeking knowledge from both "recovery" and "neurodiversity" movements, presenting both sides equally, and straightforward.  And neither side presented Autism as a devastating apocalyptic disease that steals your children's souls. 

This is a really good film, peeps.
The title is personal, and reflects Drezner's son's special interest in lampposts, and his affinity for them.
It's personal and heartfelt.  The parents in this film have so much love for their children. 
I would be willing to bet there are a lot of newly-diagnosed parents out there, whom would feel much comfort and support from just this knowledge alone.  Why?  Well sure, because it has Estee and Kristina in it :), but also because it presents options.  As parents, we love options.  We may have a strong feeling toward a certain side, but as long as that option is there...we are hopeful.

Not to mention the kids in the film are downright adorable.
I think this film should be stockpiled and handed out to parents of newly diagnosed kids.
It's that good.  And that informative.
Really- that's what our goal is as parents.  We just want to make the best decisions for our children, and the way to do that is to make informed decisions.

Love em.

**UPDATED**  I have received a few inquiries as to how people can obtain a copy of the DVD of their own.  I was given the following information from Cinema Libre:

For people who are interested in purchasing the DVD for private use, they can go to our website.  Here is the link -

For people who are interested in screenings or the educational DVD, they can also visit our website –

If they have questions they can contact

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this review.  Should anyone feel compelled to compensate me, feel free.  I would love an alpaca, or perhaps a nice garden gnome.


Karen said...

Where can we get a copy of this film? Sounds great and I would love to have a copy to share with the families with whom I work/play.

mommy~dearest said...

I will email you the contact info! :)