Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad mom

Oh crappity crappiness...
I effed up.
Big time.

Just last week, I was the best mom in America. This week, I suck.
How did that happen?!?

Today was picture day, and I flippin' totally forgot.

Sent Jaysen to school in a T-shirt, and even thought "wow- his hair is so messed up, I'm going to see if I can talk him into wearing this hat".

And obviously, forgot to send any money.

Don't even talk to me about re-takes. It says in huge red lettering: Important! Payment options must be completed on or before Picture Day.

They even capitalized Picture Day.
'Cuz it's that important, yo.

My kid will be forever remembered as the kid in third grade with messy hair and a wrinkly-arse T-shirt. Who didn't pass out any pics because his mom is a freakin' lew-hew-zer.

So. What's your Bad Mom story?


Corrie Howe said...

Doesn't your school have a make up day or ANOTHER picture day in the spring? My kids have at least two and sometimes four picture days a year. I HATE IT! Of course, because the pictures are expensive and the kids want all the pictures they bring home.

My bad mommy moment was when I was bringing my son to school after a dentist appointment. I didn't pack his lunch. He's in third grade. He's had a packed lunch everyday since pre-school. How could I possibly forget to pack his lunch?

Shea's Mom said...

Stop kicking yourself. Believe me there will be plenty of wrinkled T-shirts.

One thing to remember, if you forgot, someone else did too.


Beside those pictures always suck. What a scam!

Ashley's Mom said...

Yesterday was picture retake day for Ashley. She had her picture done yesterday BECAUSE I ALSO FORGOT TO SEND IN MONEY AND HAVE HER READY ON THE ORIGINAL PICTURE DAY. What makes it even sadder, I have a son in the same school and I remembered for him on the original day. Bad, bad mommy...

mommy~dearest said...

@ Ashley's Mom... yeowch.

mommy~dearest said...

UPDATE: I called the company directly- what they don't tell you is there's a 24 hour grace period to pay, ao pics (no matter how awful) will be coming! :)

Julie L. said...

I'm glad you'll be getting pictures--messy hair and all. It will be something to look back and laugh on. Better laugh than cry and beat yourself up anyway. : )

I remembered about the money and pictures this year, but forgot to do wash his clothes in advance so my six year and I really had to dig through his drawers for a decent (and somewhat wrinkled) shirt for him to wear!!

Marla said...

When it comes to school stuff I am bad. I hate going to functions and I am always forgetting to give the money for whatever is requested. And I only have one child to remember this stuff for. Anymore I just go with my lack of memory and don't let it bring me down. Easier said than done.

Joeymom said...

Our school photographer sucks. I don't usually buy those pics, because they are awful. The lady over at the Walmart takes great shots, and the pictures are cheaper.

ali said...

i forgot too. it was done 4 freakin days after school started, hellish enough! ah well. im a photographer so, who cares right? LOL

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Yeah I did that one year too... though i had "pre" sent in the money, then just forgot to dress my daughter up for the day - probably she wasn't bathed either.

But the worst thing I did... well, I won't mention leaving my disabled/non-verbal/autistic 13 year old in the car on a hot summer day for almost 4 flippin' hours bc both my husband and me assumed that the OTHER one got her out and she doesnt know how to unhook her seatbelt or open a door so she just sat there - but that never happened or else child protective services will come (this was a complete, MORTIFYING ACCIDENT by the way! I cant express how destroyed we were at this!!!).

The next worst thing was that I called the police once bc I thought there was a person or rabid animal in my attached garage bc something was scratching at the door to the laundry room, so an officer comes out with a freakin' police canine hound or some sh*t and it was AGAIN my disabled/autistic/non-verbal child who had unbeknowst to me snuck into the garage and had been sitting there stimming in the hot August garage for hours (while I thought she was downstairs playing w/ her 3 sisters)... and there she was. dishevled of course. Oh, and covered with her own feces bc she likes to get into her diapers.

No, i did not get arrested. Thank God. Just totally humiliated beyond belief.

Then the third worst was that I sent my same daughter to school once with NO shoes on. Just in socks. In February.

Then, I did it again a month later.

It's amazing I have 4 children that are not seriously injured or alive right now. Someone should really put me on mothering probation.

So, the whole forgetting picture day for me was like waaaaay down the list ;) Am i making you feel better? (or just frightened????)

P.S. - Im really quite sane and a good mom when Im not acting like a space cadet :)

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Oh, by the way, I meant to say its unbelievable i have children who ARE alive right now -- the way its phrased might make you wonder if anyone didnt make it.... they're all here! :)

mommy~dearest said...

OMG- you are cracking me up. For real. Yes- I absolutely feel better- thank you!

Except now I can't stop laughing.

Awesome. :)