Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love rock n' roll.

...And tonight, I'm going to see if Jaysen does too.
I'm taking my Baby Einstein music/Mario sound effect loving son to see Joan Jett!

I know! I'm tweakin' because this could be really cool, or it could go down in flames like a kamikaze pilot headed for a barbeque. Gawd, puhleeze let him at least dig it a little! I noticed that Jaysen has been starting to venture outside of his "norm" music tastes, and has really been enjoying other music. It's still "novelty music" like the Yoshi Super Happy Song and Numa Numa, but the point is, it's not from a Baby Einstein CD. Rawk.

What's fantastically schweet about all this? Joan Jett is the first concert Jaysen ever went to. He didn't really have a choice, since he was still in utero.
He seemed to like it then- unless those kicks were holy-bald-bitch-in-black-leather, get-me the-heck-outta-here, I'm-totally-on-sensory-overload-and-can't-escape kicks... but who can say. Maybe Jenny McCarthy knows. Bwah!

And if we have to leave, so be it. It's free, and I've seen Joan a billion times.
We're likethis.
She'll totally understand.

Whaaaat? You don't know what the Yoshi Super Happy Song is?
34 seconds and you will either piss yourself laughing, or hunt me down and punch me in the face.

Maddy- this is for the boys!

Will update!

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