Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The middle wife

Ex came over this weekend to see Jaysen.
First time this year, thankyouverymuch.

Ex is a crappy father.
Despite other people's beliefs that he doesn't love his children- I think he does love them, he just doesn't know how to be a Dad to them.
He has twins (15 years old) from his first marriage, and Jaysen.

Ex sees the twins quite often lately. They're a fun age for him.
They're into the same activities- skateboarding, music, girls, and other teenage stuff.
Jaysen? Not so much "fun" yet.

When Ex and I divorced, he started dating this girl (ironically, we have the same name).
I loved her.
She was sweet, good humored, and most importantly, she really jived with Jaysen.
Needless to say, that relationship didn't last. Which brings me to his current girlfriend of the past 4 years.
Current Girlfriend really can't be bothered by Jaysen. She tolerates and talks to him, but it never seems genuine, and she doesn't really know how to interact with him.
She for sure doesn't "get it".

So. Ex comes over and announces that he's going to be a Dad again.
Oh for the love of unicorn testicles. You have got to be shitting me.
This is a man who cannot take care of the three children he currently has, and he's welcoming baby number 4 into the world?

I put on my happy face and exclaimed the appropriate congratulatory phrases.
Until he spoke again about how this was something that he and Current Girlfriend had discussed, and they wanted to do before she turned thirty in a few years (yes, you read that right)- and how happy, excited, elated (and other fluffy words that made me want to vomit) he was.

I wanted to rip his unshaven face off and run it through my paper shredder.
When I told him I was pregnant with Jaysen- and remember, we were married-
I was met with "Oh my god. Tell me you're joking. Tell me you're fucking joking" head in his hands, the whole bit. Like I was Fat Albert and just sat on his world.
Then, he added, "I have kids already! Tell me you're fucking joking!", asshole, I'm not.

You can imagine how his new found joy made my stomach turn.
He's so icky.
Oh, and... Current Girlfriend is due in October! Jaysen's birthday month.
The shit keeps getting better!

It makes me so mad to think that he saw Jaysen 4 times last year, and what- is it going to be less now? Then again, is that really so bad? Hmm.

Tell ya what though-
I am totally going to be asking for child support now.


kristi said...

Love the unicorn testicles reference, can I borrow that??

Nicki said...

I feel sorriest for the unborn child who will soon be parented by these two people who obviously don't have a clue about kids! Ugh!

Mama Mara said...

What exactly are unicorn testicles? Do I want to know?

Oh, and if you ever need to shred his face (or his unicorn testicles, may I suggest the pasta maker -- much easier to clean afterward.

Shea's Mom said...

Wow, what a shit heel. What a sensitive father to be for when you are pregnant. Did you divorce him after his reaction?

And, yes, now is time to be asking for child support.

Very much so.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Hope the child support kicks in soon! Damn, that's the least he could do . . . sucky exes are the worst.

Kia (Good Enough Mama) said...

I'd want to rip off Ex's testicles and FEED them to a unicorn. Gads. Kick him in the nuts for me, won't you? PLEASE??!!!

KC's Blog said...

What a fuckface (sorry but he burns my ass). My sister is going through nearly the exact situtation as you are but my nieces daddy is in prison and prior to going to prison he was taking care of SOMEONE elses kids! He has only one biological child! He makes promises he never keeps and has had Lynn Lynn (my niece) standing outside with her little suitcase ready for her dad to pick her up and then have her dad not show up and make lynn cry. This happened numerous times. Anyhow the ass gets out of prison this month. My sister has decided to not let lynn see him until she gets at leaset three months of child support and promises he can keep. It's hard on the little kids. They know. They get hurt. We gotta protect there little selves from feeling hurt. Damn fucking men think they can go around hurting our kids and never be bothered with them.
Jaysen is such a lucky kiddo to have you for his Mama. You are his life and you are there for him 24 7. Oh that "Dad" makes me mad.

mommy~dearest said...

That is exactly why I NEVER tell Jaysen when his dad is coming over. Not even if he calls to say he's on his way. When I actually see him at the door is when I say "Oh! Look who's here!"

That way, if Ex doesn't show, no harm done. If he does, it's a bonus.