Friday, March 20, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I can't believe that in one day, literally, I've managed to blow my whole tax return.
Not blow it on frivolous crap, but ohmigod-

$2,000 for having my house painted (3 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom), and they're not even finished with the bedrooms.

$2,400 to pay off my car loan. Yay! But holy crap in an Easy Bake!

$1,500 for the attorney to set up trusts for the kids (more on that below).

$998 for car insurance.

And that's all she wrote.
Actually, that's all the government wrote. On my check.

Usually, I'm freakin' fanatical about my return, and use it to live off of throughout the year.
I'm so screwed.

Enough of my pity party- unless you brought presents...
So, these trusts.
Coolest things ever.

Rylan will have a regular trust.
He'll have opportunity for payout a percentage at age 30, another percentage at age 35, and the remaining percentage at age 40.
Actual percentages and ages to be determined and adjusted.

Jaysen will have a special needs trust.
His payout will be on an as needed basis- to be determined by the trustees (my sister and Companion).
The awesome part is that as long as the trustees keep a clear head about things and don't do anything bone-headed, he will still qualify for his SSI because any assets will be in the name of the trust, and not in his name.
Need a place to live? The trust buys it.
Need a car? The trust buys it.
Need your bills paid? The trust pays 'em.

The issue lies in funding the trusts.
Obviously, I don't have the scrilla to put anything into them, so they'll have to be funded through life insurance. And obviously, the better the life insurance plan is, the more scrilla you need for the premiums. Me not likey.

My plan is to see what my options are, and if I could use Jaysen's SSI right now, to pay premiums on the trust- I look at it as money that is not out of pocket for me, and it is to benefit him. But we'll have to see if a) I can do that, and b) what the options are. Who knows, it may not even be near enough, since his benefits have been on the lower side lately.

The attorney is also going to do a will, naming Companion as guardian, and my sister as guardian on-deck (or whatever the legal term for that would be). It is going to specifically state that it is my wish that the boys stay together, under one roof, and that Ex has no legal part in anything.

This does not mean that Ex couldn't contest my "wish", but he has to prove to the court why he would be a better guardian to Jaysen than Companion, and that? Ain't happenin'. Two words. Piss test.

Okay- onto more awesomeness.
Last night was parent-teacher conferences.
Jaysen? The term "he's a pleasure to have in class" actually came out of Gen.Ed teacher's mouth. I almost kissed her on that mouth.

I love this school.
They not only know how to deal with him, reach him, and encourage him-
but they genuinely like him. Teachers and kids-
And that is SO important to both of us.

His class works so well with him that they're having difficulty picking kids to move to 3rd grade with him in the fall. I suggested they pick a handful of students who work particularly well with him, and have them "follow" Jaysen through the grades. They loved the idea, and now they can't decide who because Sp.Ed teacher wants to move the whole class. That feeling is more awesome than fat-free Godiva. Or taking a bath in feathers. Or Hugh Hefner's pajamas...

Did I mention they're painting my house?
Fumes people.


kristi said...

Dang...that is a lot of money! YOWZA.

I got a new computer, new desk, new clothes, new fish tank, more new clothes, and shoes, for me, kids, me and Hubs got new bikes and the rest is in the bank!

Heike said...

Enjoy the fumes - legally high!

Marshella said...

That school sounds great. Wish we had Deklan in one that good. Although I haven't had any real complaints since his last melt down. Other than the Wii my husband bought for the family and Ipod we bought Hayleigh to replace hers that quit working, we used our money for bills too. The trust sounds pretty cool though - might have to look into that myself. Enjoy the fumes! :)

therextras said...

What a great post for encouraging other parents to do an sn-trust. Smart move.

Got paint smell here, too, while one bath gets remodeled over a repaired leak.

Awesome about the school. That kind of inclusion cannot be regulated or enforced - it is within the people who work there.

Mama Mara said...

I love your idea too! It's a Circle of Friends through the grades -- BRILLIANT!

Almost makes me ignore the fact that you want Hugh Hefner's jammies, but DAMN! That is just so wrong.

Ashley's Mom said...

Wow - you are so organized and forward thinking. You put me to shame.

Here's one question though - how did you get SSI for Jaysen if he is under 18 and living at home? I was told my children couldn't get it until they were 18 or living away from home.

kia (good enough mama) said...

I'd have kissed that teacher on the mouth, too. Hey, maybe she's into that?