Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm driving to work this morning, and I see a vanity license plate.
No matter how hard I try, I cannot ignore these stinkin' things.
I twist different combinations around in my head until voila- I have figured it out.
Yeah- it's one of my OCD-ish tendencies.

Today's plate?


LC Soup? Soup I get, but LC?
Like, Lovin' Cup?
Little Cup?
Lucky Carbuncle?
Lieutenant Campbell?
Lieutenant Campbell!

Oh yes... that had to be it.
I had to be driving right behind Lieutenant Campbell himself.
The Campbell kid- all growed up!

'Cuz who else would have LC SOUP on their damn car?
Stupid vanity plates...


kia said...

Wow. That IS a stumper. Sorry I can't help. ;)

AnnaMariaConstance said...

hmmm, low carb, L(i)c(k), lc=elsie?....I love those things!!!! The best one I ever saw was DETRAFI......can you figure it out?

mommy~dearest said...

Dirty Elephants Tango Round A Fluffy Inchworm?

LAA and Family said...

I get obsessed with figuring those things out too. There has been many a time I have blurted out, "That's it!" when I have figured one out hours after seeing it. (Much to the puzzlement of the people I am then around)

Hmm about the best I can do with "LC" is "Lentil Chicken." Who on earth would be passionate enough about soup to put it on a license plate anyways!?

A Bishops Wife said...

Maybe they did it on purpose and it means nothing?

I do the same thing. I tend to look at all licenses plates. I annoy myself sometimes.

LAA and Family said...

Just had to share this with you.. The ID of someone on a yahoo group I belong to is "Bcsoup". Now I'm wondering what that means! I wonder if it's anything related to LC soup? Maybe "soup" is a surname?!! Okay, back to the rest of my day.

Sabrina said...

I hate those too! Makes you want to pull them over and ask!

AnnaMariaConstance said...

Ha, it's I FARTED backwards!! LOL