Monday, January 19, 2009

It's in the stars.

Aunt Sissy (my sister, for those of you who are new the The Quirk Factor), went to see a psychic just the other day. She's a skeptic, but this woman came highly recommended from a friend of hers, so she made an appointment.

This psychic was unreal. She knew about every aspect of Sissy's life, including things that were just on the fringes. She knew my father's name. She knew that Sissy's co-worker's wife was cheating on him and recently took off with no warning. She even knew about Jaysen.

Yep. Freaky stuff, folks.
What did she say about my little man?
She said we need to encourage Jaysen's artistic outlet. That coloring, painting, and drawing, help him to relax, focus, and regroup. This is evident in his schoolwork because he doodles and draws in the margins of his papers, and when he's done, he draws on the backs. She said art is very important to him, in a therapeutic sense.

She also said it is better for him to be in a learning environment that is more individualized with one-on-one instruction (we just increased his resource room time since that's the only place he will actually do any work). He does not learn well in a general education setting, that there's just too much going on. She suggested that if there were a school that could give him the individualized instruction, that would be the ultimate place for him. My heart sank a little with that statement.

She also mentioned Rylan.
According to her, Rylan will go to college. He will be good at business things, but not necessarily go into business. He just has a strong business mind.
What she said next, made me so emotional that I actually started to cry.

Rylan has a very strong bond with his brother, Jaysen. He will be fiercely protective of him, will look out for him, and take care of him... even long after we're gone.

Understand that I don't necessarily believe that this woman is the Prophet of the Future, but for her to come out with that statement- the very thing that weighs the heaviest on my mind- was just comforting. I felt that even if it is bunk, it brings just that little bit of hope that I need.

Oh Rylan, such broad shoulders to match your big heart.
I'm totally making my own appointment.


Jessica said...

Oooh, I totally believe in that stuff. I've had some moments of my own. Anyway, that weighs very heavily on my mind too. I often wonder if Casey will WANT to shoulder that burden or if he will resent his brother. Right now, the two are like typical brothers. They fight and make up with an occasional playing together thrown in. I hope that this woman is right and that you can breathe a little.

Nicki said...

I believe in that stuff, and its cool that your sister found someone who turned out to be so right-on!

Mama Mara said...

I can't wait to hear what she says to you. Chills!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Wow - that is intense. I gotta find a good psychic around here.