Thursday, August 21, 2008


One night before our Storybook Gardens vacation, Jaysen became obsessed with going to Texas. Yes, right at that moment. He scampered outside to find a stick. Yes, a stick...maybe it's a Texan thing?

Why Texas??? I don't rightly know. I can only hazard a guess that it could be our good friends Dollface and family moved up from there, or maybe he was watching the Spongebob episode where Sandy is homesick and wants to go back to Texas.

While I did the dishes, he played quietly in his room. When I peeked in on him, I noticed he was packing his suitcase (full of DVD's), and meticulously arranging his chosen VHS tapes onto a carefully laid out blanket.

He continued this for quite awhile.
Perseveration is a powerful thing.

He eventually emerged from his room dragging the suitcase, and carrying the blanket (with video tapes inside) over his shoulder. He asked me if I would help him attach the blanket to the stick. It was tough to do with a straight face considering the blanket was bulging with videos, and his stick was little more than a twig.

We went outside to find a better stick.

Once the "bag" was secure on the stick, he hoisted it over his shoulder, grabbed his suitcase, and declared he was off for Texas. He was set.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I realized where this was going. I went on about how he doesn't have money for a plane ticket, blah, blah, blah...we ended up in my car again- he insisted that I drive him to Texas.

(Being the quick thinker that I am, I also realized this was a movie-worthy moment)

Behold the reasoning of my son, the roadtripper:

(Of course, being the technological genius that I am, the video was cut short)

Here's the ending:

It sounded like a plan, so I jumped in the seat and pretended to drive, looking at all of the super-cool imaginary mountains and rivers along the way.

Jaysen was looking at me like I was thirteen different kinds of crazy. He was less than amused.
When he realized that we, in fact, were not actually going to Texas, he started to lose it.

Meltdown approaching. I desperately tried to reason with him, but once he's at a certain level, your best option is damage control, not reason.

I told him that although we were not going to Texas, we were going on a "Mystery Trip" that upcoming weekend, and it was going to be very cool. And far away. Just like Texas. Only not Texas.

He accepted that. I would love to know how he decided which tapes would accompany him on the trip, and which ones would have to stay home. Interesting.

My little aspiring world traveler...
He's going to make me grey, this one is.


Maddy said...

Hey he invited you to come too!

He doesn do a 'real cute face' look at him bat those eyelids.

We too would be the ones going on a field trip without shoes.

best wishes

Mama Mara said...

That's exactly how my Rocky would pack. Who needs clothes, toiletries, meds, money? Have video, will travel.

Adorable, your Jaysen is. What a treat to see him in action.

Marshella said...

How cute - he's absolutely adorable! If he bats those eyes one more time... I'll take him to Texas! :)

Jackie said...

I dunno, I think he's planned it all out pretty well. He's packed all the important stuff (movies, movies, and more movies), and he knows how he's getting to the airport. He knows the gas tank is refillable. I think you oughtta give him your credit card and let the poor kid get on his way.

Tanya Savko said...

My son Nigel used to do the same thing, complete with the hobo bag on a stick. He would always say that he was going on the Oregon Trail. Reminding him that we live in Oregon never worked - he wanted to start from Independence, MO, just "like the real pioneers," he said. And yes, I was expected to drive him there . . .

Jaysen sure is a sweetie!

Osh said...

these moments are really the best...really.

J said...

Cute Post. Great save (meltdown wise) on your part. My little one sings a song he made up about going to Texas, though he doesn't insist on going there fortunately.
He sings: "Going to texas, going to texas, we're going to Texas... Yes we are!" It actually sounds cuter not typed out.

kia (good enough mama) said...

He is PRECIOUS!!! Those eyes!!!! Tell him I'LL take him to Texas. Actually, don't. That would be creepy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Too cute and very creative! Sounds like a good time!