Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seasons greetings.

Well, it's almost Christmas. Jaysen's made sure that we are fully prepared this year.

Tree up- check.
Decorate outside tree- check.
Garland up- check.
Presents wrapped- check.
Stockings hung on the mantle- check.
Letter to Santa- check.

I'll have to remind him he's not Christian some other time.

Jaysen has decided, at the tender age of 6, that he is going to be the "Holiday Enforcer".
If there is a holiday on the calendar, it deserves to be celebrated.
No holiday shall go without it's due.
It's holiday diversity, folks.

So far, just this month, we have celebrated Hanukkah, Rylan's birthday twice (once for his b-day, and once for his party), and now we're getting ready for Christmas. At Thanksgiving, Jaysen said he was thankful for God. Usually, that would be a wonderful thing, but I don't know where that came from- since I do not know if Jaysen knows the concept of "thankful", and God is not a discussion that I have had with my son. But I am aware the power-of-the-peers, and figured echolalia had gotten the upper hand on Thanksgiving.

Jaysen frantically last week that he wanted to write a Christmas letter. I did not know what a Christmas letter was (Christmas list?), but my curiosity was piqued, so I gave him a pen and some paper, and told him to go for it. It was a letter to Santa! The best part (other than Dear "Sana")was that he included his brother. He didn't ask for any of my help, and included his brother in the letter twice, on his own accord. He's so awesome.

I had to ask Jaysen a bazillion questions about Christmas and Santa, because I need to know what he's expecting- so I (I mean Santa) can deliver. I wasn't going to do the whole "Santa" thing, but Jaysen has decided that he's a believer. Who am I to interfere with my holiday-diverse son? He's Christian at Christmas, Jewish at Hanukkah, Hispanic at Cinco de Mayo, Buddhist on Buddha's Birthday, Pagan at Samhain...I'm sure the list will go on. Atta boy, Jaysen, embrace it all!

However, I'm exhausted, and wondering if I will lose my mind trying to find decorations for Groundhog Day.


Marla said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Maizie loves every holiday too. Maizie has been talking about God since she was a toddler. Once she told us she had a dream she was playing Candy land with her and he won because he cheated. It was so funny. How is the school situation going? I have been thinking about it.

Ashley's Mom said...

I love holiday diversity!!

dgibbs said...

"I'll have to remind him he's not Christian some other time." LMAO!!

Haven't look to see if you posted about what happened at school yet, hope Jaysen is ok.

Marla said...

I posted on school advocating today. You might like checking it out. Thanks!

Val said...

In reference to your comment on my blog, I'd like to bitch about my family some too, only I'm pretty sure that at least one brother has the addy; and if that's true, the rest are bound to find it out soon enough. :P

Sabrina said...

I found my 7 yr old dd's Santa letter and it asks over and over "where are you?" Don't know why but it does! Glad he's thinking of his brother! That's nice!