Sunday, December 9, 2007

Quick update.

...and I mean quick. I seem to have evaded the flu's nasty grasp thus far, but the rest of the family is not so lucky. Rylan has been throwing up for the past 2 days. Tonight was my work Holiday Party- we got home around Midnight. Around 3am, Rylan starts crying and Companion says, "Hey, can you please get him, I think I'm going to be sick." Great. So I think he's going to be useless with a hangover in the morning. I'm trying to put Rylan back to sleep, when Jaysen calls, "Mommy! I frowed up!" Ohhhhh....

I put Rylan down and take care of a vomit-covered Jaysen. Vomiting has been scary for Jaysen, but this time, he really listened to my direction. We changed his shirt, I sent him to the bathroom to wash his hands, and then to lay on the couch.

Rylan's still crying but luckily, Jaysen fell right to sleep. I just now got Rylan back to bed. I don't know how long it will last. Rylan's asleep in his crib, Jaysen's asleep on the couch, and Companion is asleep on the bathroom floor. My poor family.

This stinks. Quite literally.

Onto the update with school.
I received a call from the principal wanting to set up a meeting for next week. I also got a call from the Director of Special Services for the district. She's the big admin. who denied him bus services on the grounds that his expressive language disorder makes him safer than other kids because he won't talk to strangers as easily. Yeah. I spoke with her, and she was apologetic about the procedure, that they did not notify me of putting my son in a restraint. She said they didn't have a procedure in place because they didn't think of Jaysen "that way" (behavior issues), which is funny because he had a behavior plan last year. She admitted that's no excuse, but that's what happened. The teacher that had Jaysen restrained, just forgot to call me. Whatever.

So, we're all meeting next week to discuss a behavior plan and procedure. I'm also going to ask for a parapro.

The thing that makes it difficult right now, is that I don't believe they've broken any laws. Common sense and ethics? Sure. Laws? I think that they're very adept at covering their asses. When I was fighting the last district, they were so out of compliance with so many laws, I was shocked that a district could be that stupid. Although it was still a difficult fight, I was concrete with my presentations. I cited articles, laws, addendum...all that good stuff. I had legal-knowledge at my back. Currently, all I found was one line in the State policy and procedure for physical and chemical restraint. I don't have the actual name of the policy in front of me, but it's something like that. One line. That was my back up this time. Not quite the arsenal I had Downriver, but this hasn't turned out to be the "big guns" type of battle just yet.

That's all I know. I am praying the flu decides to show mercy on me.
More later...



Marla said...

It is good you have a meeting set up so soon. I am sure you will be able to get a good behavior plan worked up for how to handle these situations in the future. I can not believe the no bussing reasoning. I have never heard that one before. Good luck! I will be anxious to hear how it goes.

I hope you are all over the flu soon.

Casdok said...

Not having a proceedure in place is no excuse.
Hope you do avoid the flu as you need to be on form.
Good luck!

mom2spiritedboy said...

Hope you are all feeling better and that the school issues are resolved swiftly. I hear you about the stress it can cause - to this day, everytime my cell phone rings I break out in a cold sweat thinking it's the school calling about a problem

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Hope you manage to hold the flu at bay, and good luck for your meeting - hope all goes well.