Tuesday, March 4, 2014

La Petite Update

No excuses, I've just been busy. And lazy. But mostly busy.
Okay, so maybe a few excuses...
Let's recap, shall we?

First off, I love you Stimey!
She gets my #1 fan award.

School has had it's ups and downs.

Rylan is doing awesome in big fat first grade.
He just did his science fair project on hovercrafts.
Him are smert.

Let me tell you alllll about hovercrafts.....
Ta-da! I'm just awesome.

Jaysen is doing really well too.
He's in 7th grade, and although it was a heart-wrenching move to a self-contained classroom, it's proven to be a really good thing for him. He's still getting lost, but he's gradually catching up. Last year, he was doing 3 column addition. This year he's doing pre-algebra. Wow.
His MEAP scores went up too, which doesn't really mean much because we all know how I feel about standardized testing....but it was cool to see how much growth he had himself, from last year to this.

Behaviorally, he's having some setbacks, has gotten picked on, but his outbursts are nowhere near where they used to be, and much shorter in duration. More on this later.

Sunny is amazing. She continues to be the best addition to our family in a long time.
We just adore her. She's kinda sweet on us too.

Cuddle time!

Look at that silly face!

This happened in December...


And! I had another amazing birthday a'la Companion and The Minions.
I love them bazillions.

French press coffee and bacon.
Enough said.

Choo choo! It's the Birthday Balloon Train!

And this brings me to the conclusion of La Petite Update.
Thank you for your continued support, and I will be back soon because I actually have lots to discuss.
My lunchbreak is only so long.



Karen said...

Congrats on the engagement! Good to hear things are going smoothly. About time, eh? :)

mommy~dearest said...

Lol. No kidding!