Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New post- birthday edition

It's mah birfday!

Ever get those B-day wishes that kinda make you feel special? And by special, I mean you kinda question your sanity for even knowing these people? The people who make birthdays really special?

I do.
And this year, extra special birthday thank yous go out to the following:

Marianne, who gave me my very first birthday greeting at 2:14am this morning.
Jaysen, whose first words to me this morning were "Yo, Mom.....happy birthday."
Wandy, who promised me a unicorn.
My coworker who wished me to have a zombietastic birthday.

And Ex.
The winner of everything special...who sent me a text this afternoon wishing me a Happy Escape from Vagopolis Day.

Yes, he's still single, ladies....

*Now updated* to include my cousin D, who called me to say "Hey, is this my old ass cousin?"
Thanks, yo.


Dani G said...

Happy Birthday, mama!!!!

Joeymom said...

Happy happy!

Corabelle said...

happy birthday! may Pink dancing ninjas be waiting for you in the bushes...

mommy~dearest said...

Thank you guys!!!

Corabelle- that was the best b-day wish I have gotten. Maybe ever. :)

Corabelle said...

:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REJlwToGcbU

mommy~dearest said...

Ohmigawd....that is awesome.

Mommmmmmy! I want a dancing ninja for my birthday!!!!!!

TherExtras said...

Belated but sincere wishes for an awesome year! Barbara