Saturday, December 25, 2010

Moar reasons December rox...

What was probably the lonliest Christmas I have evar had, also had some supergreat highlights.
The first being that I was drunk dialed at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve, by 2 British women. They were hilarious, as they were having a blast at what sounded to be like a huge party, and wished me not only a Merry Christmas, but a Happy Hanukkah too! Made.My.Night. I hope they call back on New Year's. I love drunk people leaving messages for other people on my machine. I'm bizarre like that.

And, and, AND.....
Anyone familiar with The Friendship Circle (shout-out to Dani and Little Bird), knows this is an awesome place. How awesome is awesome? Awesome.

But what makes it even awesomer-er-er-er-er, is if you look at the calendar they put out.

Check out December.
The kid in the middle?
That's mine.


Rock the J.Geils.

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