Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4th grade is.........AMAZING!
I am happy to report that Jaysen is off to a great start this year- in school, and at home.

His parapro reports that his anxiety/frustration level is way down this year, and when he does have difficulty, he is using strategies to help diffuse himself.


At home, I am seeing a happy, social kid, but also a helpful one. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful Jaysen has become. He follows directions with little to no grumbling, and will do things like get himself ready for bed, or get dressed in the morning, without me even having to ask him.


He is helping his brother cope when his little 3 year old temper flares. He helps him get ready for bed. He asks his opinion on what movie he would like to watch. He takes turns with him when they play the Wii. He answers Rylan's incessant questioning. He encourages him, and tells him he's doing a good job. He tells him to have a good day when he leaves for pre-school.


He's also more accepting of the suckier things in life. Like dentist appointments, homework, taking medication, and bedtime.


That is not to say my son is perfect. He is my son, after all...
He still has bouts of frustration. He still gets lippy, and he still doesn't know how to constructively express or deal with certain emotions, but he's actively working on it. And you can see it in his face when he is truly making an effort.


He also informed me, "Mom...your little boy is growing up."
Yes, sweetheart......he certainly is.


Ashley's Mom said...

That is wonderful!! I'm so proud of him!

Niksmom said...

At the risk of being!

Casdok said...

Yes what can i say - WOW!
Bril :)

Joeymom said...

WOW WOW WOW! Wish my life was going that well.

Stimey said...

So fantastic to read this! I love hearing happy school stories. Good for him!