Friday, July 23, 2010

Skillz with pillz

Against my better judgement, I am totally going to post some superfantabulous news, about a superfantabulous gain we have made.

Hold onto your stickybuns, because this is HUGE.

So, you know my son...the one with sensory issues, who only eats things that he deems non-vomit-inducing? Okay, and we also know his sensory issues cross over into medications. No oral medications (makes him all barf-o-rama), has resulted in M-tabs and suppositories.

Jaysen was off meds for about a month. He started to get tweaky, so we revisited the med route. Upon familial suggestion (don't you just lurve that?!?), we tried Intuniv. Don't try this at home kid was berzerker. Like not a funny hyper berzerker... mean joe green berzerker. After only 4 days, we switched him to Abilify. Muuuuch better.

What's that? Abilify comes in pill form?
Yes..... I know.

I had been prepping him for the meds... up until now, I had been able to successfully sneak him the Risperdal, but I wanted him to be informed as to what was going on and why he was taking these medications. Of course he bucked, but when I explained that the med was to help him not be so angry, and he might like how it makes him feel balanced, he said he would try it.

We spent the night before practicing swallowing pills using Skittles.
He thought it was funny and was really proud he could do it.

When it came time to "go live"....
Went without a hitch.
He even made a big production out of it.

If that's not awesome in its own right, here's what he said to me at bedtime-
"Mom...thank you for practicing me the helped awesome."

And now... he has taken it every day, on his own (with parental supervision).


Niksmom said...

Holy Freaking Cow! THAT IS BEYOND AWESOME!!!

Casdok said...

Awesome and beyond:)

Joeymom said...

TOTALLY AWESOME. You rock. And so does Jaysen.

Apples and Autobots said...

First, awesome about the pill swallowing. My little guy takes three, and he can swallow all three at one time. I don't think I could ever do that. I gotta say that we tried Intuniv, and our little man was FULL of rage. He used it for a couple of weeks, and we switched to Abilify as well. I find that he is doing extremely well with the Abilify.

Marshella said...

Yeah!! I'm so happy that he was able to do that. I have to say that I'm loving Abilify right now too. That's what we put D on in January and it helped so much - we could tell a difference right away. Way to go Jaysen!

RayMeds said...

The skills are really needed to feed little monsters at home!!