Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friends, a uterus, house drama, and strawberries.

Just going to fill in the blanks of what's been going on at Chez Quirk lately-
Already, this has been a year of tremendous ups and downs.

My 2 best friends (only friends?) moved away- one up north, and the other clear across the country. Boo.

Anyone remember my lovely, and by "lovely" I really mean horrifyingly painful ablation experience? Yeah, well I wasn't one of the lucky 80%. So I'm having a hysterectomy (LSH). Next wednesday. Like a few days from now. Unless I'm still sick, because I now have strep. Lovely. Ugh.

Our house is still not even close to being built. Like the builder doesn't even have the permit yet. Ugh. I'm really starting to stress.

But check out my fantastonishing parenting skills-
Jaysen is putting on way too much weight.
He's now "The Jiggly Kid".

No fun.

Most of his crap-eating is at nighttime. I know. Wonderful timing.
So I mad a firm decision to limit him to ONE bedtime snack (90% of the time it's popcorn).
After said snack, he is only allowed something healthy to snack on, and water.

For those new to this blog, it's important to know that Jaysen has some pretty significant food aversions. He is the carbo-kid. Aside from the baby food I forced down his gullet, he has never, and I mean NEVER eaten a vegetable. Raw, cooked, covered in cheese, pureed, pureed and hidden in food, silly shapes, dipped in a variety of sides... I've tried it all. The times I forced- I mean coerced him, he turned red, eyes watered, and gagged. Not the gagging that you get when you brush your teeth, but gagging like holycrap I.Can't.Breathe! type gagging.

On occasion, Jaysen has been able to choke down red grapes and thinly sliced, peeled, apples.

Anyway, back to my evil plan.

The first few nights, he thought this entertaining little game of mine was a challenge of sorts, and actually went along with it. I love that he humors me. After a few nights of this, he was not amused anymore. He would get into bed, and ask for popcorn, cocoa puffs, cheese its, goldfish, or some other previously allowable bedtime snacky-type foods.

You get fruit or veggies, and water.

He begrudgingly agreed to apples. Begrudgingly like I was making the poor kid eat sticks and rocks.

I remember back to the time my kid ate Special K red berries cereal. He wouldn't touch the cereal part, but would pick out the freeze dried strawberries. The next day, I was on a freeze dried strawberry hunt. Love you Trader Joe's!

Now, he gets into bed and says, "Can I have strawberries?"

Only problem is the damn things are so expensive! I mean seriously, I can only find them at the one store, and they're almost $4 a bag! And he blows through a bag a day.

So yay! He's eating "good foods" at night!


MOM-NOS said...

Ugh. The food battles. I HATE the food battles. But hooray for freeze-dried strawberries. I assume you've scoured the internet looking for a mail-order bargain already? Around here, sugar free popsicles and Cool Whip Free are worth their weight in gold, and we go through massive amounts of both. Truly, though - a bargain at any price.

Good luck with the surgery. So sorry that you're still dealing with these issues.

mommy~dearest said...

Yes- any "good food" is a bargain at ANY price. Food battles bite. Or don't bite, rather. Lol.

I was just informed that Mr. Jaysen is having his "last night of good foods" and will return to junk food starting tomorrow. This of course, after he told me to address him as Doctor Professor Jaysen. Hmmm.

I'm just hoping we don't lose the strawberries so soon. I just bought $40 worth! Ugh.

Joeymom said...

Joey is a cabo king, too. The funny thing is Andy is a carbo-not (ever heard of a id who won't eat bread or pasta???) We have to be terribly careful because my whole family (including the frickin' CAT) is diabetic, and we want to put that off for him as long as possible. Still, he's the jiggly kid, and we don't do bedtime snacks. I signed him up for baseball. I've noticed a lot of the autistic kids around here are carbo-freaks (or they don't eat at all). I wonder if there's a sensory thing in it.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I'm rooting for the strawberries too! Hope you feel better soon.

TheRextras said...

Thinking of you the night before you go under. Sincere good wishes. ParkerMomma just underwent the same. You might find some comfort there. Barbara

Joeymom said...

Just thinking of you and hope you are comfortably recovering.