Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm going to let you in on a secret...

I want to tell you about this super cool blog.
It's called Spectrum Siblings, and if you are a parent of a child with Autism, or even are looking to understand it a bit better-

You have got to check this out!
Cale, the author of Spectrum Siblings, does a phenomenal job of describing what it is like to be on the Spectrum, as well as has a treasure chest of information, tips, and tricks- that he himself, has Autie-approved.
Why else is Spectrum Siblings the awesomest???
Because I'm guest blogging there today.
Longtime followers may have already heard our story, but I do have some newbies.
(Hi newbies!)
Go and check it out. Now.


KimDean-Art4Autism said...

Yes, it's a good site and he is a great kid. I have his site linked to mine.

JoyMama said...

Excellent guest post. And you're right, Cale's blog is teh awesome.

And, happy birthday!

P.S. Word verification is "coper." One who copes? Describes a lot of us!